Back to the Grind – Personal Update

Hello, friends and stumble-uponers. I’ve left this page to stagnate for the past year or so, and for a handful of reasons. In short, no time!

Firstly, I’ve had a change in careers. After my schooling at NBCC, and a brief work term at Computers for Schools, I’m now working as a Server Support Technician. This, and moving away from my rock and roll friends at the Monteith Manor has led me to doing far less with music than I used to.

One of the few projects I’m keeping up in my time away from the tunes, is a brand new album with The Green Lung Grinders. We have a full length album that we’ve been plugging away at with a session every week or two, really taking our time to get something fantastic. If you caught the GLG live in the past, or just heard one of their previous albums, you know that you’re in for a treat. New Album: Coming Eventually.

To those who don’t know, I’ve gotten myself a place downtown again. Between Mactaquac and Woodstock, it’s been a healthy few years away from our little city. I certainly don’t miss sitting in my car for an hour a day. If you’re in the neighborhood, come say hi.

I was pretty pleased to see this site is still getting a couple hundred views a month in my absence, slowly creeping up to about 300+ a month. Certainly nothing like when I was writing articles, but about 300 more than expected.

That’s enough stream of consciousness for now. On the chance someone is looking to record, please note I am only taking on small projects right now.

Rock and Roll.


What I’m All About – Zach Salic

It’s not too often I stray from rock and metal, but I’ve been getting my feet wet with some hip hop recently.  I’ve been working with a friend of mine from Toronto on a few of his new tracks, and one of them is finally ready to see the light of day. All the synth and vocal work here is all the work of Zach himself, but I’ll be playing a little more creative a role on the next one we’re releasing.

Download from Google Drive


Written/Recorded/Performed by Zach Salic
Mixed/Mastered by Jake Duffie


Point of Sale – Visual Basic Program

Hello again, from the distant lands of Woodstock NB! This will be another little diversion form the music. For those following my efforts so far, you may know I’ve been taking an IT course at NBCC. The Introduction to Programming class has been teaching me the fundamentals of Visual Basic.NET, and now I am on to my second pet project. Continue reading

The Mind Unleashed – The First Three

Hello again, followers of the heavy! If you haven’t heard the name yet, it’s time to get acquainted with THE MIND UNLEASHED. No, I’m not talking about spiritual self help news mumbo-jumbo, This is the newest, heaviest, and metal-est band around the Maritimes. Comprised of Jamie Norrad, (Wasteland Zombies / ex Age of Days Guitarist) Steve Mansfield, (Iron Maiden Tribute Band Drummer, Run For Your Lives) and Cujo Bonvie (All around “cool guy”, and ex vocalist for Winters Howl) This saucy new band is kicking in some teeth Pantera Style. Steady paced, riff focused, thick, juicy metal.

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Back to School

Hello fellow disciples of rock and heavy metal! I’ve got a bit of personal news, i’m back to the academia camps for a little re-education. Today marks my first day of IT – Network Support at NBCC Woodstock. Though not directly related to my audio work, with the amount of fighting with computers on the day to day, it will certainly come in handy for some of my session work. For the handful of my current clients, this means I’ll generally only be able to book sessions after work hours, weekends, and holidays. Don’t hesitate to get in touch, but the schedule will look a little less wide open for the next year.

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Software Collaboration with BigCat Instruments

Hello fellow audiophiles! I’ve got some interesting news for any of you who produce your own music or demos. I’m excited to announce a collaboration between myself and Joe Stevens, the tech wizard behind BigCat Instruments. This small non-profit from Denver, CO is best known for their large suite of freeware orchestral VSTis.

While the name of the plugin is yet to be determined, I can tell you that we are building guitar emulation software. Get ready to kick out your guitarists, folks!

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The Man Strikes Again, Free to Download!

Hello again, lovers of rock and metal! It’s been a couple weeks now, Monteith Mania has been available to the public, and we’ve decided to open up the downloads on one of our favorite tracks!

The Man Strikes Again, give it a download off of soundcloud, and inject it straight into your veins. To see them play this live is something transcendent, but this audio fix should get you to your next MONTEITH show.

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