REAPER : Portable Installation

When installing programs on Windows, all of the files required to make the software run don’t always go into the same place. Sometimes your installer keeps configuration data in a hidden system folder named “AppData”, keep important resources in your documents, or any number of reasons simply moving your program folder around won’t run on another computer.

While this is inherently true of REAPER as well, it the installer comes with a portable install option. Whether you need to move your software around, run parallel instances of REAPER, or just have two separate configuration builds, today you will be getting your answers!

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REAPER : MIDI-Trigger a Drum VSTi with a Kick Track

Have a kick or snare that’s not quite cutting through how you’d like it to? There is the right way to do things, a combination of proper miccing techniques and EQ/Compression…  but sometimes perhaps due to a poor initial recording, or just a lack of technical skill/software, you just can’t get it quite to where you would like to hear it.

Luckily for us, there is a wide array of options when it comes to drum VSTis and samples, like Toontrack’s Superior, XLN’s Addictive Drums, and Steven Slate Drums. For this example, I will be using MT PowerDrumkit 2, as it is one of the better sounding free drum plugins.

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Introduction to ReaPlugs

If you’ve been to my site before, it’s no secret I am a big REAPER user. While I find myself using them in the default host, the ReaPlugs suite of plugins is available for free download, and works in whichever Windows DAW you happen to use!  For the sake of native REAPER users, and those looking to try the plugin suite alike, I’ll be doing an introduction to some of the handy plugins that I’ve come to take as a given.

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The Mind Unleashed – The First Three

Hello again, followers of the heavy! If you haven’t heard the name yet, it’s time to get acquainted with THE MIND UNLEASHED. No, I’m not talking about spiritual self help news mumbo-jumbo, This is the newest, heaviest, and metal-est band around the Maritimes. Comprised of Jamie Norrad, (Wasteland Zombies / ex Age of Days Guitarist) Steve Mansfield, (Iron Maiden Tribute Band Drummer, Run For Your Lives) and Cujo Bonvie (All around “cool guy”, and ex vocalist for Winters Howl) This saucy new band is kicking in some teeth Pantera Style. Steady paced, riff focused, thick, juicy metal.

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Back to School

Hello fellow disciples of rock and heavy metal! I’ve got a bit of personal news, i’m back to the academia camps for a little re-education. Today marks my first day of IT – Network Support at NBCC Woodstock. Though not directly related to my audio work, with the amount of fighting with computers on the day to day, it will certainly come in handy for some of my session work. For the handful of my current clients, this means I’ll generally only be able to book sessions after work hours, weekends, and holidays. Don’t hesitate to get in touch, but the schedule will look a little less wide open for the next year.

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Software Collaboration with BigCat Instruments

Hello fellow audiophiles! I’ve got some interesting news for any of you who produce your own music or demos. I’m excited to announce a collaboration between myself and Joe Stevens, the tech wizard behind BigCat Instruments. This small non-profit from Denver, CO is best known for their large suite of freeware orchestral VSTis.

While the name of the plugin is yet to be determined, I can tell you that we are building guitar emulation software. Get ready to kick out your guitarists, folks!

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The Man Strikes Again, Free to Download!

Hello again, lovers of rock and metal! It’s been a couple weeks now, Monteith Mania has been available to the public, and we’ve decided to open up the downloads on one of our favorite tracks!

The Man Strikes Again, give it a download off of soundcloud, and inject it straight into your veins. To see them play this live is something transcendent, but this audio fix should get you to your next MONTEITH show.

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REAPER : Render Queue

One of the features that keeps me stuck to REAPER unlike any other DAW, is the Render Queue. If you find yourself dealing with multiple songs on a single session, or just have multiple formats you are expected to deliver, this function can be a godsend.

Let’s say you’ve recorded a live set at a venue, have your processing on each respective mic, and your client asks for a WAV+MP3 of each song. This lets you save your selection and render options, and queue as many instances necessary before running through the sequence.  REAPER’s render queue turns a 2 hour task, into 10 minutes, and walking away. Continue reading

Starting a Fresh Mix

Hello ladies and gentlemen, it’s your good pal Jake from The Underground Alliance! Today, We’ll be talking a little bit about starting a fresh mix, assuming the tracks have just finished been recorded or handed over to you as the mixing engineer

This is very much an opinion piece. None of these are rules, just the order I tend to do things to keep my sessions clean to work with, and sounding the best I can possibly get them.  I’ll be working with the multitrack for a MONTEITH tune, but Cambridge has a wealth of mutitracks to practice with if you’d like to follow along.

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Jake Duffie here from The Underground Alliance, and today I’ll be giving my two cents on the quickly popularizing  recording Software, REAPER! Justin Frankel, the lead designer of REAPER is best known for developing WinAmp in  1997, which is still being used today. I’ve been using Reaper for a little over 3 years now, being my primary DAW  for most of that time. Does Cockos deliver a DAW that can compete with the likes of Pro Tools, Logic, and Cubase,  or will it fade away as software that just didn’t make the cut? Let’s find out! Continue reading