Audio Production


Welcome one and all, to my online portfolio! Currently residing in Fredericton NB, I am an audio engineer for hire. I work closely with The Underground Alliance to promote our East Coast music scene, and make our mark as a culturally booming corner of the world.

I’ve studied audio production at Recording Arts Canada in Toronto, where I started to shift my personal hobby into a career. In my time back in my hometown of Fredericton, I’ve had the opportunity to record a variety of phenomenal and driven musicians.

While I ¬†enjoy various sounds between Hip-Hop, Acoustic,¬†Folk, Blues, Electronic and Classical, my home territory is Heavy Metal. It has been what I’ve listened to since my formative years, and remains the majority of my listening library to this day.

Most of my training in school was on Pro Tools, though I’ve found REAPER to be my DAW of choice over the past few years. It really emphasizes a philosophy in rugged functionality, customizability, and speed I share. It seems like any setting I could possibly fathom can be tweaked in REAPER, while other DAWs I’ve worked on it the past will often run into things they just weren’t meant to do.

What Can I Do For You?

My goal in diving into this industry, was to be able to give smaller and upcoming names at the resources they need to record, and ship an album. It is easy enough to say, but there are far too many EPs, solo projects, concept pieces, and entire bands that fall apart due to a lack of resources, people with the right skills, willpower, sense of scope, and a cavalcade of other unforeseen factors.

While I tend to play the role of recording engineer, and mixing producer, when a band or musician comes to me, there are a few other things they may find they need. This can include drum programming, assisting in the composition of the client’s song, and occasionally hoping on a track myself to allow overdubs of instruments the client doesn’t play.

A lot of the work I do is local within the province of New Brunswick, but I am always looking for further residing clients to extend the reach of our little musician niche. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions about what I might be able to do to help your project sound exactly as you had envisioned it.