Back to School

Hello fellow disciples of rock and heavy metal! I’ve got a bit of personal news, i’m back to the academia camps for a little re-education. Today marks my first day of IT – Network Support at NBCC Woodstock. Though not directly related to my audio work, with the amount of fighting with computers on the day to day, it will certainly come in handy for some of my session work. For the handful of my current clients, this means I’ll generally only be able to book sessions after work hours, weekends, and holidays. Don’t hesitate to get in touch, but the schedule will look a little less wide open for the next year.

On day 1, the AC is malfunctioning in our room, and the system is keeping the temperature at tropical levels. They’ve got WiFi though, so I can call it even. I must have forgotten the sheer quantity of jokes teachers throwing around on the daily basis. With two different instructors in the room making their introductions, the groaner-joke machine gun is firing at record speeds. I see my grievances and complaints getting pettier and pettier as time goes on, our opening activity turns out to be a meet and greet worksheet. Blech.

A little bit of the system might be good for me, but I’m not much looking forward to the parts of education that aren’t education. Student unions, social clubs and policy. Here we go again, into the belly of the beast.


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