Point of Sale – Visual Basic Program

Hello again, from the distant lands of Woodstock NB! This will be another little diversion form the music. For those following my efforts so far, you may know I’ve been taking an IT course at NBCC. The Introduction to Programming class has been teaching me the fundamentals of Visual Basic.NET, and now I am on to my second pet project. Continue reading


The Man Strikes Again, Free to Download!

Hello again, lovers of rock and metal! It’s been a couple weeks now, Monteith Mania has been available to the public, and we’ve decided to open up the downloads on one of our favorite tracks!

The Man Strikes Again, give it a download off of soundcloud, and inject it straight into your veins. To see them play this live is something transcendent, but this audio fix should get you to your next MONTEITH show.

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