Claridryl – Collaboration With Bryce Vandenhoven

Thrash/Death Metal Collaboration by Jake Duffie and Bryce Vandenhoven

Hello! Met this guy as 4312 on Reddit, and damn, does he shred. He was great to work with putting this together. Bryce played the guitars and bass, and I programmed the drums, and gave the thing a mix and master. Check out some of his other tunes on his soundcloud! I did a few of the vocals near the middle but the rest are Bryce’s. Continue reading


Recording and Mixing Rooms

The Underground Alliance crew is getting more and more used to the more country style living out in Woodstock, and we’re all finding our little projects to keep ourselves busy. Most recently, I’ve slapped some velcro on some of my more essential stomp-boxes, and a sanded down piece of lumber for a simple pedalboard.

With recording an mixing being my primary passions, I’ll talk a bit about our setup so far for doing just that. Continue reading

Settling In To The New Location

We’ve been moved up to Woodstock NB for about a month and a half now, and the property is well on it’s way to being primed and ready. Some of our efforts have been divided towards some of the necessary farm work preparing for the winter, which mostly entailed plating garlic and tilling the earth.

Our music projects have fallen onto the backburner a bit since our relocation to Woodstock, but we’ve definitely taken our breaks to sharpen our skills in our various fields in the Underground Alliance. Chaddus Provost and I had recorded THIS drum demo to tease at some of our future capabilities. Continue reading