Resetter – Jake Duffie

Monteithmania – Monteith

Abyssonaut – Monteith

Good Friend Song – Monteith

Yesterday’s Jam – Monteith

The Man Strikes Again – Monteith

Rifflords – Monteith

Wicked Riff of the West – Monteith

The Long Shadow of Mystery – Monteith

Secret Weed – Monteith

Reality Check – The Mind Unleashed

The Effect – The Mind Unleashed

Window of Time – The Mind Unleashed

Spread Your Wings – The Wasteland Zombies

Open Your Eyes – Jamie Norrad

I Don’t Lie – Jamie Norrad / Cujo Bonvie

Not Breathing – Jamie Norrad / Shaun Monteith

Desecrator – Jake Duffie (feat. Daniel Monteith)