Back to the Grind – Personal Update

Hello, friends and stumble-uponers. I’ve left this page to stagnate for the past year or so, and for a handful of reasons. In short, no time!

Firstly, I’ve had a change in careers. After my schooling at NBCC, and a brief work term at Computers for Schools, I’m now working as a Server Support Technician. This, and moving away from my rock and roll friends at the Monteith Manor has led me to doing far less with music than I used to.

One of the few projects I’m keeping up in my time away from the tunes, is a brand new album with The Green Lung Grinders. We have a full length album that we’ve been plugging away at with a session every week or two, really taking our time to get something fantastic. If you caught the GLG live in the past, or just heard one of their previous albums, you know that you’re in for a treat. New Album: Coming Eventually.

To those who don’t know, I’ve gotten myself a place downtown again. Between Mactaquac and Woodstock, it’s been a healthy few years away from our little city. I certainly don’t miss sitting in my car for an hour a day. If you’re in the neighborhood, come say hi.

I was pretty pleased to see this site is still getting a couple hundred views a month in my absence, slowly creeping up to about 300+ a month. Certainly nothing like when I was writing articles, but about 300 more than expected.

That’s enough stream of consciousness for now. On the chance someone is looking to record, please note I am only taking on small projects right now.

Rock and Roll.