Claridryl – Collaboration With Bryce Vandenhoven

Thrash/Death Metal Collaboration by Jake Duffie and Bryce Vandenhoven

Hello! Met this guy as 4312 on Reddit, and damn, does he shred. He was great to work with putting this together. Bryce played the guitars and bass, and I programmed the drums, and gave the thing a mix and master. Check out some of his other tunes on his soundcloud! I did a few of the vocals near the middle but the rest are Bryce’s.

This tune has a bit of a Lamb Of God feel, especially at the start and end, but Bryce had some really progressive time shifts/odd time signatures that really made the song a notch above most of the music I like to write, especially with how well the changes melded together.

Hope you guys enjoy the tune, and make sure to check out some of Bryce’s solo work!

Bryce Vandenhoven


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