Pulling the Futura Prophecy back into rotation

​Got the beast ready for battle! Restrung,  reset,  cleaned nice and pretty.  Straplocks added,  and strap-button moved. Feels like an all new toy!

Jamming some Prowler.

I’ve been using my Ltd F150 as of late,  but while I wait in a housemate to check out a few intonation issues I’m having with it,  I’ll be playing around with this lovely Epiphone again!

This guitar has proven to hold a tune like nobody’s business,  tested though the elements.  After being quickly reminded of some weight issues I’ve had with the thing,  where the weight distribution leads to the neck falling down,  a 2-inch move of a strap button has left the guitar in a more weight neutral position.

The Anorexic Explorer.


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