REAPER : Saving a Render Queue

TL;DR – REAPER render queues are saved in your appdata folder. 

Here’s the situation – You’ve got a 14 album track you’re recording for a client. You meet up every week or two to record some tracks, a little bit on everything. They want to listen to their renders at home after every session to decide on their takes. This takes up an extra 30-60 minutes after every session.


This was the situation I found myself in, and hated the wasted time. The internet came up dry as for solution to this timesink. After asking questions around some forums, it was a user off of Reddit that provided the solution. u/pluginram

If you don’t already know about the render queue, see my previous article on how to start using it. The problem I was running into, was the render queue clears items as they are rendered. To render all 14 files again, I would need to individually open, and queue each track.

However… These render items save as .rpp files in your user appdata folder. See path below.

C:\Users\your name\AppData\Roaming\REAPER\QueuedRenders


These files can be copied and pasted elsewhere, to keep them safe from erasing scythe of REAPER.


You’re now free to render, with an extra copy of your render settings saved away. Note that if you change save paths or names, your renders will still attempt with the old settings.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ve found this helpful. Keep on Rock and Rolling.


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