Disks are in for Monteith Mania!

We’ve finally done it! For those of you that have been following the building success of the Monteith Clan, you may already know how long a time this has been coming.

The minigun drumming of Chaddus Provost, Shaun with a voice from a tainted heaven, and Daniel with shredding talents from other lands, all of the pieces come together to bring rock and roll back from it’s shallow grave.


100 CDs in, ready to destroy the world. The four horsemen on their way to signal the apocalypse at the first stop of the western end of their tour. (Catch them at the Piranha tonight, if you are reading this on the 17th of May)

I’ve listened to the finished product on repeat, and in all sorts of different locations. This is the stuff, ladies and gentlemen.

While you anxiously wait on your copy of the album, or for the full stream to hit the youtubes, check out the first self-titled track, Monteithmania!

This has been my greatest work.


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