Monteith Mania Review, Written by Chris Waddell

Jake from the page here. This article was written by Chris Waddell, the host of the Crazy Train radio show, and lead singer of The Wasteland Zombies. Thanks for all of your support, Chris!


Monteith Mania – Review

You gotta love the Monteith gang. The two Brother’s talents extend far beyond ‘Metal & Rock’. The guys are consummate musicians. I’ve always marveled at “Brother” bands, in my youth my Brother’s and I couldn’t go 5 minutes without beating the crap out of each other. Not saying these guys don’t fight, but they have moved past it and recognized that their talents together can take them somewhere.

So it’s been long in coming an album from the Brother’s Monteith and it’s not a disappointment at all! If full out, balls out, if head banging Rock is your ‘thing’ then Monteithmania from start to finish was written for you! Daniels guitar riffage pummels the mind, while the bass is played by Daniel and drums by Chad Provost rattle the ribs. Chad’s one of THE best drummers around and he’s been with the Monteith’s for a while, so they’ve gelled and clicked in and locked on each other. The rhythm section is solid and for live shows Corey Sugar James thunders on the bass. Shaun’s gravelly to soaring vocals hearken back to the days or yore and conjures up images of David Lee Roth in his assless chaps and other 80’s singers like Cheap Tricks Robin Zander to Kiss’ Paul Stanley. But in the end, Shaun’s vocals are his own and he owns them!

The songs are all solid rockers, ‘Monteithmania’ the title track will have you getting up and kickin over your furniture and pissing off the neighbors. Basically their “We’re here to kick some ass’ track it’s an awesome open to the album and give the listener a preview of what’s in store for them.

Other highlights are ‘Good Friend Song’s the chorus is well, beautiful and sticks with ya like glue.

‘The Man Strikes Again’.. Riffage in your face! Chad’s pounding on the drums will crack your ribcage and Shaun’s commanding vocals on this track makes it one of the highlight’s on ‘Monteithmania’.

‘Rifflords’, that pretty much speaks for itself don’t it?

The whole album from start to finish is a party waiting to wreck your house! SO kick out the parents and pets and crank it to 11+ ‘Monteithmania’ is here!

– Chris Waddell 05/16/2017

Monteith Album Front Cover


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